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You can register for an account to play the game all over bigkool mobile applications (on the mobile to download) or subscribe using a browser on a computer-by-step instructions below.

To play on the original computer using just a Web browser and do not need to install any other software, bigkool.net encourage players to install the Google Chrome browser, Brew cup to get the best experience.
Step 1: Access to the web: bigkool.net registration click as shown below

Step 2: At the registration screen you have two ways to register

Option 1: If you already have a facebook account just select Login With Facebook and follow the instructions as shown below

Method 2: You can register a new account follow these steps
- Enter the name you want to create your account (username will be your name in the game)

- The name can not contain special characters including the characters just a -> z, A -> Z, 0 -> 9 or _, from 3 to 20 characters.

- Enter your login password

- Reset your password

Choose a password that includes letters A-Z, 0-9, or sign _ and has a length of 6 to 20 characters.

- Then click on the registration button as shown in the instructions below

Bigkool encourage encourage you to register using your Facebook account to security and not having to remember passwords.

After successful registration Bigkool suggest you should validate phone numbers for easy password recovery and to better protect your account.

I wish you a successful registration and post bigkool gaming fun.

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Hướng dẫn đăng ký tài khoản game bài bigkool Hướng dẫn đăng ký tài khoản game bài bigkool
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